Why join the LERN Global Community?

You have all the expertise in your chosen field but news of your services or products aren’t always reaching your potential clients. 
Marketing, PR, media releases and TV/radio interviews are specialist areas which can prove expensive.
Serial entrepreneur Ernold van Bueren and Kenelm James, a journalist with over 20 years worth of experience, got together to set up LERN Global in 2019 in order to make their expertise available affordably to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
LERN Global Connected offers a highly cost-effective way to build up your personal brand and share your experience worldwide.

As a LERN Global member you will have access to different tools and experts who will offer you the support you need and make quality connections with potential customers. 

Included in your membership is our PR service which includes press releases, marketing and media interviews to connect you with the worldwide audience giving you much-needed global exposure.
Don’t delay, join today!