LERN Global offers high quality, innovative, and effective courses on how you can progress to your Next Level through public speaking, branding, and leadership training. We can show you the techniques and provide you the skills on how YOU can build a successful 6 figure business in less than 60 days! LERN Global is a CPD accredited Acadamy located in Manchester that provides the skills, training, knowledge, and know-how needed for you to become a Professional in Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Content Creation, Leadership, which in turn translates into the set-up of a successful business.
Ernold van Bueren, Founder and CEO of LERN Global Ltd., is an Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. With many years of experience under his belt, Ernold co-founded OdiGames Studio which has launched over 15 successful games on the App Store since 2011, which has led to him becoming the go-to person for advice and help for Entrepreneurs, CEO, and Corporate Teams to set up their businesses. As business was booming for Ernold, he set up another company, dedicated entirely to Entrepreneurial Coaching, called EVB Entreprise, while also becoming a Life Coach in the process. He now wants to help YOU achieve those hard-to-achieve goals many of us dream about on a daily basis!
LERN Global offers a wide range of high quality online courses on a wide range of subjects such as Affiliate Marketing, Photography, and Public Speaking. These are the starting tools needed to build and brand your own business.