Ernold Van Bueren is an Internet Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. He is the Co-founder and CEO of LERN Global and LEGS Esports. He was also the founder of OdiGames Studio, which has released over 15 successful games on the App Store since 2011.

With such a track record, he started to be approached by others seeking advice and support in setting up their own businesses. This gave him the idea for LERN Global, a company dedicated to providing support and advice to entrepreneurs in how to set up their business, their brand and their digital marketability. 

LERN Global quickly expanded into LERN Media & LEGS Esports which has it’s own TV Channel on the Roku platform. LERN Global offers a wide range of high-quality online training guides on a range of subjects including Esports, video content creation, personal branding, public speaking, marketing and mental well-being amongst others. All the tools needed for an entrepreneur to start and build their own business are available to anyone who needs them. 

LERN Global HQ:

Our HQ is located in the heart of Manchester city where we have access to an Auditorium for different corporate Events and Video production.


Storyboards. Motion design. Animation. Visual effects. Our posse of expert artists and animators is armed with top-tier tools and software to bring imaginative concepts to life and win over clients.


Our forward-thinking team of storytellers, featuring industry veterans and digital natives, nurture digital and broadcast productions through all phases of development—from research to post-production to launch.